Monday, April 16, 2007

Condom Factory

Im sure you've been to bread factory, chocolate factory, cake factory or any other kind of factories but have you been to comdom factory? Ahhhh....worry not cos i've been there and took some pictures (hehehe...just kidding. Those pictures forwarded to me wan).

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Willard Gaylin-"Expressing anger is a form of public littering"
Anger...often ones with hot head can think realli well. I used to get angry easily until past few years that i tried to cool down whenever im stuck in such situations. Most of the time i managed to hold back but tat's not wat happened yesterday. Guess i still have the spark in me. Heh! And it costs me dearly...
My office is located at Tmn. Connaught and tat place realli sucks in a way. There are hardly any parking space available and people are double parking and to an extent even tripple parking. I parked my car in an available spot in front of my office and an idiot double-park in front of me. I dun mind but at least have the courtesy to be aware when someone is honking for an exit. I honked for 35mins and still the owner did not care to remove the car. Blood starts boiling and when it hits the spot, i cudnt think sanely. Hahaha...i laugh at wat i did. Pretty stupid, i tell u.
The next thing on my mind was to ram the car....and so i did. I reverse my car abit and i step on the accelator. BAMmmm...a loud voice can be heard. Quite a number of people from the shop came out to check wats happening. I honk again...but the owner still nowhere to be seen. BAaAmmm...i rammed again and i honk. This time, i saw the owner running down to rescue her car. She aint seen the damage yet. Passed me and said she din heard me. Fuck her!!! My office is at the third floor,whenever someone pressing tat blardy honk, i heard it. She looked at her car, yell at me "you did tis??" Obviously yeah...cos i damage my car too..
I open the window,stick my head out and i told her "tak nampak la!!!" She reverse her car and i drove away. The damage??? Cost me few hundreds...dunno about her tho'
Crazy eh???