Friday, November 17, 2006


"Fucking"- this word itself carries alot of meaning. In general, we often use "fucking" to verbally abuse the other party. i.e "FUCKING U!!!"
Some of us might oso use it as an adjective i.e "The slut over there is fucking hot"- it add power to "hot" as in extreamly hot. By fact, "Fucking" means to engage in sexual intercourse.

But little do we know that there's a place called "Fucking". Another piece of facts of life...


Friday, November 10, 2006

Xda Stealth

O2 unleashed another model into the market- It's Xda Stealth. This baby is damn cun la. Comes in matt finishing, a slider PDA/Phone, Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0, 2.4" QVGA TFT-LCD Touch screen-big enuff to spam blogs (hehehe...), Built-in Wireless Lan, 192MB built-in memory and tis baby got keypad-unlike 02 atom and rest of it. But the outlook is abit like Samsung slider phone and it is not equiped with a built-in radio-Fuk!!! can't listen to MixFm

Check out the full specification at


p/s: anyone wanna sponsor? hehehe...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Do Breast A Charity

A fundraiser for breast cancer patients will be held on 9 November 2006, Thursday, Mezquite 52, Heritage row in Kl.

p/s: where is Mezquite 52?

All ladies and gentlemen, Ah bengs and Ah Lians are welcome to contribute. There will be Guest Performance by Dayang Nurfaizah, Tom Abang Saufi, Izlyn Ramli, Melissa Indot, Sarah Daye, Too Phat and many more...

After party (10pm- late): Free entrance
Theme: Pink

For more info and RSVP Dinner Tickets, contact:

Sham van Boonstra- 6.017 368 8660
Kean Au- 6.012 2848611
Ratna Wasli- 6.012 828 7000

p/s: Do you know male will get breast cancer too?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

DotA Allstars

Haih..yet anoder day ended at cyber-cafe. It's just a routine for me, I HAVE NO LIFE!!! But today DotA really frustrating. For once i realli wish i can quit playing games at cyber-cafe but it become an addiction just like men are obsessed with boobs. For those tat dunno wat the hell is DotA, here's the link

Go study it, get obsessed wit it...and when you are done, please tell me is there any hero tat can combat 5 enemies in a bunch?